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Nature Connected



Where Nature, Technology, and Innovation intersect.

Founded to innovate novel solutions,New Earth Labs is a disrupter in Agro and Clean Tech. Living the value of Kaizen- Seeking constant improvement-, New Earth Labs strives to design, develop and research novel ways to optimize and integrate technology into everyday experiences. New Earth Labs’ teams actively research new technologies and methods to design custom solutions faced by New Earth Solutions and clients in the areas of agriculture, lifestyle, and biology. The core-essence of New Earth Labs is “Nature Connected”.

Technology Consulting

Offering both stand alone products and custom solution development to meet your Clean or Agri-tech needs. Whether you’re developing an app, new agricultural tech or measuring something in your environment. Reach out today to connect with our team and let us help you reach your goals.

Research and Development

Focused on delivering the best methods and tools to provide innovation while paying tribute to nature. New Earth Labs oversees a portfolio of project streams involving the areas of Computer Science, IoT, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and Automated systems. New Earth Labs was built to develop the systems that do not yet exist that meet the quality and needs of New Earth Solutions and clients.

Current Projects are focused on developing an integrated hydroponics system that automates maintenance, leverages AI to for self optimization, and provides a unique user experience. Join our community to stay abreast of development and product releases.

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