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Bring the power, beauty, and connection that nature inspires into your space. The Respira Living Air Filter optimizes human health and increases building performance through the use of Bio-filtration and Biophilic design. We spend 90% of our time indoors. Leverage natures processes through Respira to enhance the air we breathe.


Contrary to popular belief, plants alone do not effectively clean the air. Through research conducted at the University of Guelph by Dr. Darlington A. and Dr. Dixon M., it was discovered that 98 % of filtering ability for contaminants stems from beneficial microbes on plant roots. As such Respira Living Air Filter uses a proprietary design to leverage all aspects of a microbiome to bring you clean air so you can start breathing naturally.


Our designs use an array of plant life and naturally found microbes that allow you to curate the most aesthetically pleasing and functional walls to improve your spaces and meet your needs. Focus on cleaning your air by reducing harmful indoor pollutants and volatile organic compounds.

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