Powered By Nature



Increased global energy demands are powering a revolution in how we access and utilize energy. New Earth Solutions introduces Solar, an innovative product suite to meet your energy needs sustainably. Our goal is to convert as many clients as possible from fossil fuel power generation to clean, renewable energy sources.

WHAT IS Solar?

When we implement our solar solutions, the goal is to reduce clients electricity bills by 90%. Use the power of nature to become your own electricity supplier. Leveraging innovative technologies, Solar provides a constant energy supply by capturing natural solar energy during the day, storing it, and releasing the output based on system demands.When we implement our solar solutions, our goal is to aim for bring 90% savings to your energy costs.

Systems are built to provide stable energy reserves 24/7 and customized to take advantage of your unique location and power demands. Solar is designed with a holistic approach to integrate with other New Earth Solutions products providing a unique experience. By leveraging integration of multiple solutions, each component supports and further enhances the performance of the system as a whole.

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