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Nature Inspired


New Earth Solutions provides integrated solutions inspired by nature to improve wellness. Our solutions are focused on being both profitable and sustainable. We are focused on creating a healthier, optimized, more sustainable world for humanity in the areas of agriculture, lifestyle, and real estate.

The performance of each technology improves when working in tandem with more than one solution. For example, Solar becomes more efficient on a green roof and LED lighting can supplement the living wall bio-filters for optimal performance.

New Earth solutions oversees multiple companies focused on the development of green solutions to optimize and improve lives and connect us to nature.

Our Beliefs

  • Sustainability and profitability go hand in hand
  • A connection to nature is essential for human optimization
  • Our current practices in sustainability are in need of disruption; We are the Disruption
  • Innovation is built on quality products that connect us emotionally, mentally, and physically
  • Experience and Quality define who we are

New Earth Solutions is redefining the spaces we live in. Built on the values of Honour, Innovation, Accountability, Reliability, Community, and Kaizen we promise to develop and design solutions that will redefine our communities.

Follow the links below to connect with us and find out how you can use nature to inspire and redefine your space.

We Design, Build & Maintain.

Living Air Filters

Improve occupant wellness by using biophilic design to clean air


Use the power of nature to become your own electricity supplier. Join the revolution in clean energy access with Solar

LED Grow Lights

Bring style and precision to your space while maintaining the exact spectrum required for optimal plant health

Living Roof

Improve building insulation, storm & water management while supporting biodiversity

New Earth Labs

Technical Consultation for IoT, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and Automated Systems maximizing profitability and sustainability

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