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Living Walls

Best Performing Biological Air Filter

Our System Is Third-Party Lab Tested And Optimized For:
  • Double-Pass VOC Filtration
  • Zero Waste
  • Humidity Optimization
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Versatile In Design

  • Respira Pro is a modular system that can scale to any size and reduce installation time on site
  • Engineered to filter air evenly across the entire surface of a living wall
  • Integrated lighting option for guaranteed success in
    any location
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We’re Putting 4.54 Billion Years of Innovation to Work

It is often assumed that the plants in a green wall are primarily responsible for removing pollutants from the air around them. However, most pollutants are removed by the microbial ecosystem of bacteria and fungi living in and around the plants’ roots.

This microbial ecosystem is very diverse, with many different species specialized to break down and metabolize a variety of chemicals. We optimize this impact by selecting specific species of plants and introducing the beneficial microbes into the system.

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Reduced Maintenance Through Technology

  • Scheduled Lighting
  • Automated Backup Pump
  • Nutrient Injection
Real-Time Sensor Data:
  • Optimize Plant Health
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
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Respira Prefab & Respira Air Options With Pricing

12’ W x 9.5’ H


6.5’ W x 9.5’ H


6.5’ W x 7.5’ H


4.5’ W x 7.5’ H