Low Maintenance Indoor Planters

Bring Your Vision to Life

Custom interior planters in office space


Seamlessly integrate nature into indoor and outdoor spaces, enhancing aesthetics while improving wellbeing through numerous benefits, such as:

  • Reducing Absenteeism
  • Improving Employee Productivity
  • Adding Life To Your Office
  • Enhancing Employee Creativity


Our seamless installation experience is designed to minimize disruption while bringing your plant design vision to life. We offer custom solutions such as integrated lighting and automated irrigation in order to provide you with the lowest maintenance requirements possible. 

Ongoing Maintenance

Our ongoing plant maintenance program helps guarantee the longevity of your plants. Our dedicated horticultural experts will regularly care for your plants, providing essential services such as watering, pruning, and pest control to keep your greenery looking vibrant and healthy.

Qualitative Improvements

We assess environmental improvements before and after our installations, utilizing data-driven feedback to provide clients with tangible evidence of positive changes. This approach ensures transparency and empowers our clients with concrete information on the measurable impact of their initiatives.


From seasonal planters to perennial tree installations, our team of experts will help you create a design that fits your specific needs.

Custom planters in retail store display
Custom plant design in retail store
Customized plant design in retail space
Hanging planters in retail

Seasonal Planters

Transform your surroundings with our custom seasonal planters, tailored to bring the beauty of every season to your space. We offer:

  • Christmas & Winter Planters
  • Spring Bulbs
  • Summer Flowers, and
  • Autumn Planters


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Exterior Facades

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